When stories are written about people whom have been charged with witchcraft, they usually originate from days long ago, or from cultures where superstition remains prevalent, such as India or parts of Africa. Now Canada seems to be getting in on the act, as reports have emerged of a woman from Ontario being charged with witchcraft.

The 32-year-old from Milton in Ontario was arrested and charged last Thursday. Her list of charges included witchcraft, fortune telling, extortion and fraud. The police had been alerted earlier this year when one of the woman’s ‘victims’ lodged a complaint with them that they had been defrauded out of $60,000.

Psychic reading reveals bad news … but there’s a cure …

The woman was named as Dorie ‘Madeena’ Stevenson and she had been running a business called ‘Milton Psychic’ on Ontario Street South, offering fortune telling and other occult services.

Following an investigation Detective Sergeant Dave Costantini of Halton Police uncovered the woman’s modus operandi. She would receive clients for a psychic reading then give them bad news – and tell them that she could prevent the bad events from happening by buying her gifts.

The victims would then hand over either money or expensive purchases such as mobile phones, jewellery and gift cards. Some victims thought that they would have the offerings returned once the cleansing process had taken place, but nothing was given back to them.

Fortune teller hopes ‘victims’ are too embarrassed to go to police

It’s thought that Stevenson hoped that the victim’s embarrassment at being duped in such a foolish way would prevent them from reporting her to the police, however one evidently brushed aside their shame to do just that.

“What we typically see is a tendency for perpetrators to take advantage of persons when they are in their most vulnerable state,” said Constantini in a statement.

Constantini added that he hoped that other victims would now come forwards.


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