In a story that is becoming all-too-common in India, news has surfaced of a couple being charged with practising black magic by a self-appointed court. In this case the couple were found guilty, then forced to endure an inhuman punishment of being thrashed and having to eat human faeces.

The report originated from the Sarwani village of Shivpuri, in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. The couple in question have been named as Prem and Ramawati Singh. The trouble apparently started when one of their neighbours, a woman named Aarti Singh, passed away. The local villagers claimed the passing was the ‘black magic’ work of Prem, and sentenced him to be thrashed.

Man accused of black magic tied to a tree and thrashed

Prem was tied to a tree and repeatedly thrash. When Ramawati protested at her husband’s treatment, the pair of them were then forced to eat human faeces.

According to report, the accusations of witchcraft were led by Aarti’s father-in-law Angad Singh. Angad, along with his two sons Meghnath and Malkhan, apprehended Prem and passed their sentence.

Local villagers, upon hearing the commotion, summoned the village elders. It was only through their intervention that the lives of Prem and Ramawati were saved.

Police find nothing suspicious about woman’s death, least of all witchcraft

Once sufficiently recovered, Prem filed a complaint against Angad, Meghnath and Malkhan. The police investigated the matter and swiftly arrested the three assailants.

Upon further investigation they discovered that Aarti had been ill for a few months, and had finally passed away on Saturday. There is nothing to suggest that anything about her death was suspicious. Prem told police that Angad had repeatedly accused him of causing Aarti’s illness via witchcraft, and that the woman’s death at the weekend had sent him into a rage.


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