No matter what you may personally think of the supernatural, the majority of people seemed content to remain sceptical about ghosts and other factors of the ethereal world. Now a woman had shared her story that supports the idea that at least cats survive after all their nine lives have been used up.

Yesterday, a Twitter user using the name ‘Periwinkle Jones’ shared a brief ‘Halloween ghost story’ concerning her haunting by a ‘ghost cat’.

Woman claims to have first seen psychic pet three years ago

The spooky goings on began in 2015 when her and her husband moved into a new house. After a few days she was stunned to see what she now describes as a ‘ghost cat’ sitting on her stairs. Over the next year or so, she saw her feline phantom on several occasions.

She decided not to inform her husband of her visitations by this spooky pet … then, a year after the move her husband sat down with her one day and told her about the ‘ghost cat’ he kept seeing on the stairs.

The couple grew to be fond of their ghostly pet, laughing it off as a shared hallucination or a trick of the shadows … until this year when their daughter said her first word – ‘cat’ – while pointing at an empty space on the stairs.

Spooky pet became a regular visitor to the home

When pressed fur-ther, ‘Periwinkle’ said that a builder had seen the cat too, and that the animal used to appear whenever she got catnip out for her cats whom remained in the land of the living.

Sadly, the pair have not seen their spooky friend since their baby was born, but she feels “he is still there.”

Other Twitter uses went on to share their own spooky stories – including a former nursing home worker whose patients used to complain about the ‘children running up and down the stairs at night’, even no children were residents. She later found out that the home had been built on the site of an orphanage.


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