These days, there’s no major sporting event in the world that goes by without some kind of psychic animal getting in on the act. Now, a dolphin at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium has predicted that the LA Dodgers will triumph over the Boston Red Sox in this year’s baseball World Series.

This is undoubtedly great news for the Dodgers, and better news for them than last year when Nicholas correctly predicted that they would lose in the same contest to the Houston Astros. In early November last year the Astros beat the Dodgers 5-1 in the final game of the seven game series to win 4-3 overall.

Nicholas the psychic pet has made many accurate predictions

It’s not known where Nicholas’s psychic abilities stem from. He is a rescue dolphin, found in a state of distress with severe sunburn. He was still a calf, so was taken under the care of the aquarium. He makes his predictions by selecting one of two balls that are offered to him, each emblazoned with the competing teams’ logos.

His predictions so far:

  • 2017 NCAA Football Championship – Clemson to beat Alabama CORRECT!
  • 2017 Super Bowl – Patriots to beat the Falcons CORRECT!
  • 2017 NCAA Basketball Championship – North Carolina to beat Gonzaga CORRECT!
  • 2017 Stanley Cup – Penguins to beat the Predators CORRECT!
  • 2017 NBA Finals – Warriors to beat the Cavaliers WRONG!
  • 2017 World Series – Astros to beat the Dodgers CORRECT!
  • 2018 NCA Football Championship – Alabama to beat Georgia CORRECT!
  • 2018 Super Bowl – Patriots to beat the Eagles WRONG!
  • 2018 World Cup – France to beat Croatia CORRECT!

Nick is currently 7-for-9 in the prediction business. The Dodgers will need to come from behind if they want to honour Nick’s prediction, as they dropped the first game of the 2018 World Series 8-4 to the Red Sox on Tuesday night.


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