A court in Mumbai has handed down a strict ten year prison term to a ‘fraudulent’ spiritual healer whom ‘forced’ a couple to make love to each other in his presence, with the fake promise that doing so would cause the woman to become pregnant. He was also fined 30,000 rupees (around $400 or £300).

The bogus spiritual healer – named as Yogesh Kupekar – was approached in 2013 by the couple who were desperate for their first child together. Kupekar told them that he needed to ‘treat defects from the woman’s body’ in order to help her become pregnant.

Black magic ritual included voyeuristic sexual acts

As well as persuading them to have intercourse in front of him, Kupekar was also accused of touching the woman inappropriately and having intercourse with her under false pretences – effectively raping her. He persuaded the couple to hand over 10,000 rupees for his ‘expertise’ in the matter. The ‘healing process’ lasted thirty months.

Once the ‘treatment’ was completed the woman fell into a depressed mental state and even tried to commit suicide. After a successful spell in hospital the couple approached the police and outlined their experiences with Kupekar.

Fake spiritual healer faced multiple charges of a serious nature

Kupekar was arrested and several charges were brought against him. He was charged with molestation, sexual assault and offences under the Anti-Superstition and Black Magic Act 2013.

After appearing in court the bogus spiritual healer was convicted on all charges. The judge who arranged Kupekar’s sentencing told him that his offences were ‘special and unique’ and that an extensive custodial sentence was required as a suitable punishment.

Upon Kupekar’s arrest in 2016, his wife alleged that the male half of the assaulted couple had sexually assaulted her. However, these claims were found by police to have no substance, and were simply motivated out of revenge.


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