Built two hundred and forty years ago, Bodmin Jail is one of the most notorious prisons in the history of the UK’s judicial system. Between 1785 and 1909 fifty people were publicly hanged at the site, and even though the jail closed in 1927 it seems the former residents are still pretty restless. Now a pair of ghost hunters have revealed their experiences at the former Cornwall jail.

Allison Robins and Jayne Mortimore are the leaders of the North Cornwall Paranormal group of investigators. Both are avid researchers of anything that goes bump in the night, and consider Bodmin Jail to be one of the most haunted buildings in the UK.

Ghost hunters have experienced the spooky side of Bodmin Jail

“You can’t top [Bodmin Jail] in many respects,” says Allison. “It’s the one place I’ve seen a full apparition. I’ve also been pushed here, which is really, well, it’s fantastic. When you turn around and there’s nobody there, nobody could have possibly done it.”

“What I actually saw was a large man striding into the long room, crossing in front of the light. He was in full silhouette. He looked totally black and he was striding fast.”

Allison claims that many people whom have visited the jail have told her they have seen the exact same figure.

She also claims that she once heard a male child speak very clearly to her from the supernatural realm.

Paranormal investigator reveals encounter with ghost child

“He said, ‘have you come to get me?’” says Allison. “We were quite concerned. We were saying, ‘no, no, no. We just want to talk to you’. It was a full sentence. Fantastic.”

Allison also says the pair have been told to “**** off” a few times by spirits at the jail.

Bodmin Jail is considered to be so haunted that it has its own Paranormal Manager, Resident Psychic medium and Energy Therapist. For just £80 anyone can enjoy an eight hour paranormal experience at the venue, running from 8.45pm until 5am.


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