It’s a problem that desperate, misogynistic men have had to put up with for thousands of years – how to get a woman to dance naked for them. Now, help may be at hand … for a price. A 350-year-old manuscript that contains a spell designed to persuade a lady to gyrate in her birthday suit has just sold for £22,000.

The text, which dates from the seventeenth century, was written by a group calling themselves the ‘Cunning Men of Essex’. This group attracted infamy for their alleged magical powers.

The volume runs over an amazing four hundred and seventy-six pages and offers magical solutions for many of life’s more annoying problems, such as:

  • How to make someone fall in love with you

  • How to lose weight

  • How to determine if a ‘sick person shall die’

  • How to cure drunkenness forever

  • How to catch pigeons

  • How to recover decayed tobacco

The spell for making a woman dance naked as offered by the Cunning Men of Essex is a relatively simple one – all that is needed to be done is to mouth the words ‘ala aymala’ or to inscribe them into fresh wax. Sadly, this spell only works when there is a full moon.

Witchcraft spell says true love is only a matter of a pig bones broth

A recipe for ‘true love’ is even simpler – this entails sharing a broth of pig bones and herbs with the person whom you desire, writing their name on parchment and then throwing it into the fire upon which the broth is cooking.

Weight-loss, according to the tome, is not achieved via diet and exercise but instead by making a broth of fennel and drinking it every day for a month.

The manuscript was expected to sell for only a few hundred pounds, but instead was purchased by a private collector for £22,000. It is not known whether the buyer has at yet attempted any of the spells.


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