It’s not a good time to be a witch in Canada. Just a few days ago we reported on 32-year-old Dorie ‘Madeena’ Stevenson who’d been charged with scamming a client out of $60,000. Now a second fortune teller has been arrested along the same lines, although her alleged total scamming pot amounts to a staggering $450,000.

The woman has been named as Samantha Stevenson, and as well as having the same surname as the previous scammer (there is no evidence to suggest that the two are related) she also hails from Toronto. She has been charged by York Regional Police with ‘Pretending to Practice Witchcraft’.

Fortune teller told victim evil spirits were possessing his wealth

Using the name ‘Evanna Lopez’ and posing as a psychic, Stevenson was approached by a potential client who told her he’d been having a lot of bad luck of late. The fake witch advised her client that this bad luck was the result of work by evil spirits.

Fortunately, she had a solution for him – the evil spirits were focusing on his financial wealth and home and she could help. If he gathered together as much money as he could and transferred it to her bank account, she would then ‘cleanse it’ before returning it to him.

Victim lost home and vehicle to fake psychic scammer

Buoyed by this news, the victim sold his house and car, and loaded up his credit cards in order to pay Stevenson the amount she desired. In total, he managed to pool together $600,000 Canadian dollars, which is around $450,000 in US dollars.

Once the money had been ‘cleansed’ the problems – for the victim – began, as Stevenson refused to give the money back to him. After months of unfulfilled requests the victim went to the police.

Stevenson was arrested and as well as the witchcraft charge she has also been charged with fraud and possession of property obtained by crime.


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