For the past three years, the owners of a hotel in downtown Bangor, Maine, have been putting up with a number of spooky occurrences and examples of paranormal activity. Now the owners of the Charles Inn have had enough of things going bump in the night and are seeking the help of experts in the paranormal.

Allan and Leanne Hewey took ownership of the Charles Inn in 2015. Amazingly, they failed to do their due diligence – if they had they would have learned that the place had a well-known haunted history and that it was a regular stopping-point on the Bangor ghost walk.

Couple unaware that their hotel was a hotbed of psychic acticity

“We just knew it was an old rundown hotel,” said Allan. Since they took ownership they have both experienced weird goings-on, first-hand. Leanne has heard strange voices, and once a wine glass flew across the room of its own accord.

Says Leanne: “I heard this little tiny voice go ‘nee nee nee nee nee,’ and I looked at Allan and I said, ‘Oh, the grandkids are out in the hall.’ And he goes, ‘No, they’re not here.’ And I said, ‘Do you hear that?’ And he turned down the TV and I heard the same thing again, this little voice next to me, then I got completely cold.”

Hotel guests have been complaining about paranormal activity

Guests at the hotel have made complaints about supernatural disturbances. Some have said they’ve heard a knock at their door, but upon opening said door, the found no one waiting to be let in.

“Something’s going on,” says Leanne, “and how do we find out what it is and get control of it so number one, it doesn’t hurt our business, and number two, we don’t have people thinking we’re crazy, because we’re not crazy.”

The Heweys have now reached out to the East Coast Ghost Trackers, who have confirmed that the hotel has some supernatural non-paying guests. Allan and Leanne have now said they accept their spooky guests, and have even come to appreciate them.


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