‘Slight of hand’ is a tactic used by magicians in order to perform tricks – it’s not the usual kind of modus operandi utilised by black magic practitioners, yet a fake ‘baba’ in Aishbagh, India, used traditional magic to rob his victim of several items of jewellery.

Thirty-year old Shabana Khan was not happy with the way her life was playing out. Married to Javed, Shabana and her husband lived with his parents in the Ashok Vihar Colony. It was not a happy marriage – Javed paid little attention to his wife and only did what his parents – Shabana’s in-laws – told him to do.

Unhappy wife turns to black magic practitioner for help

The unhappy Shabana moved out and went to live with her own parents. She still held feelings for her husband, though, and wanted them to get back together but away from her controlling in-laws.

A friend told Shabana about Sufi Sahil, a tantrik baba (black magic practitioner) who advised that he could cure all sorts of ailments and issues with his magic. Upon meeting with Shabana, Sufi advised her that we would be able to help her get control of her husband using black magic means.

To perform the appropriate black magic ritual Sufi advised Shabana than he needed five items of gold jewellery. Shabana returned to Sufi’s shop in Baghdilkhsuha the next day with the items, some of which she had borrowed from her sister and a neighbour.

Black magic help available … but at a price!

Sufi wrapped the items in cloth and began to chant mantras. Once the process was complete Sufi handed the wrapped items back to Shabana, telling them to unwrap them twenty-four items later and to then wear one of them. Her husband would then return to her within three days.

Shabana did as she was told, but on unwrapping the cloth discovered that the items had vanished. Suspecting foul play rather than black magic, Shabana went to the police, whom immediately arrested Sufi.

It is not known if Shabana’s husband has returned to her or not.


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