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There is a mighty force from within that is going to empower you to achieve great things. It is so powerful that it will overtake your instincts and see you do things that you would not normally consider. If you let go of fear you will be amazed at the things you’re able to achieve. However, you will need to look within first else you will get nowhere.




You are full of strength and sensuality. You have learned to value yourself, and you understand how to use your body to explore your sensuality and all the pleasures that are available to you. You are generous and you will always take responsibility gladly, but at times you can be self-sabotaging and self-destructive. You love your home and family, and take time and effort to make sure all there is as it should be.




You take wisdom from your dreams and your fantasies. You understand that you live in a fertile realm and that it’s a world that’s full of endless possibilities. You have intuitive powers that border on the psychic, making you naturally clairvoyant. You are driven by your emotions, especially those that excite you. You can become confused, though, as the spiritual side of you sometimes overwhelms.




A common situation in your life that you have become accustomed to is about to be reversed. You will need to adopt new patterns of behaviour as a result, and become more open even if there’s a chance that this openness will hurt you. Make sure though that you simply not suffering with the intention of bending others to your will. You must take the situation seriously else you will end up in a situation that you cannot get out of.


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