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You can see both sides of any argument and you can resolve most disputes with a mix of diplomacy, intelligence and logic. You are a very good critical thinker, and you find planning even the most intricate exploits simple. You prefer honesty over manipulation, but your coolness and idealism can make you a difficult person to warm to.




You will soon feel full of life, energy, generosity and self-confidence. You will gain the power to move forwards with anything that you plan. You will make many very good friends, and finding that one special someone is definitely on the cards. Be wary though – the heat of the sun can destroy as well, if you do not respect that power that it has blessed you with.




You will experience a strange urge to break free from your normal routine and try something where success is hardly a guarantee. If you are to make it a success then you need to plan carefully, even if what you are taking on is a complete gamble. Be wary of stagnating, and take any misfortune you experience as a warning.




You are a very spiritual person whom inspires others with their creative visions. You teach people how to respect authority, and to be reliant upon others much less than they rely upon themselves. The power you display can help people to grow and develop. Beware though that you do not become self-righteous or arrogant, or that you stomp over the feelings of the people that you are supposed to be helping.


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