A woman in Pudukottai, India, has admitted to abducting a child and sacrificing her in the name of black magic. The woman – named only as ‘Chinnapillai’ – has been secured in the Trichy central woman’s prison, and will be tried for murder.

The sacrifice happened on October 25 in a village called Kurumpatti. The village has a notorious ‘spooky spot’ that locals fear to visit, as they believed a local deity with a taste for human blood – named as Chemmuni – lurks there.

Woman lured small girl for black magic ritual

In a misguided effort to appease Chemmuni, and in an attempt to prop up her ailing black magic business, Chinnapillai abducted a four-year-old girl – named as Shalini – who lived close to her and was likely to have been known to her.

On promising the small girl food, the fake black magic practitioner lured her victim to Chemmuni’s notorious spot. Once there, she sliced open her victim’s throat and left her to die.

Upon her arrest, Chinnapillai explained to police how recent circumstances had led to the local villagers virtually abandoning her. She and an assistant would regularly conduct spiritual blessings, but three months ago her assistant witnessed something ‘weird’ and refused to take part in further ceremonies.

Black magic practitioner hoped sacrifice would help her business

Her assistant then became bed ridden and swiftly passed away. The villagers told Chinnapillai that she should not practice black magic any further, and refused to avail themselves of her services.

Chinnapillai blamed Chemmuni for her misfortune, and hoped that the sacrifice of the small child would appease him, and bring her better fortune.

The police in Pudukottai have stated that they expect Chinnapillai to be awarded a stern sentence for her crime, while expressing their dismay that such outdated practices still exist in this contemporary age.


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