Brothers Akash and Sanjay Gajdhane were arrested in March this year in connection with the suicide of an unnamed man in Badlapur, Maharashtra, India. Further details have now emerged of a bizarre story with a black magic twist.

Earlier this year the unnamed man approached Akash and Sanjay for help as he was experiencing money problems. The pair came up with an unusual solution – they would procure a ‘ten nail owl’ for him that then could be used in a black magic ceremony.

In India, owls are renowned to possess mystical powers, and their body parts have been used in black magic ceremonies for centuries. Owl trading became such a problem in India that the Indian authorities made the sale of owls illegal in 1972.

The unnamed victim handed over fifteen lakh rupees (around £15,750 or $20,000) for the owl, however Akash and Sanjay apparently never had any intention of providing him with one. Frustrated, the victim asked for his money back, but the brothers refused and told him they would report him to the police for offences under the Black Magic Act.

Utterly fed up with this latest downturn in his misfortunes, the man wrote a detailed suicide note before hanging himself in his bedroom.

After finding the body and reading the suicide note, the police arrested Akash and Sanjay for ‘suicide abetment’ and they’ve been held ever since. The pair have claimed that the suicide note was faked by the police and that no such deal between them and the victim was ever arranged, but that defence has been thrown out by the court.

This time of year during Diwali in India is typically a bad time to be an owl. It is believed that simply sacrificing an owl during this period will bring prosperity and wealth, and thousands of illegal owl killings take place in November in India each year.


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