A woman in Brazil has confessed to the murder of her boyfriend in a weird black magic ceremony. The woman claimed that she had become so fed up of his violent ways that she used the ritual in order to get her own back in the most permanent way possible.

Clea Fernanda Maximo da Silva and her Italian boyfriend Carlo Cicchelli often dabbled with the occult, but it seems likely they were using voodoo for sexual kicks, rather than to get in touch with the other side.

Murderer claims her lover initiated a bizarre black magic bondage session

One evening Cicchelli felt the need for having a little bit of bondage in his life and asked his girlfriend to tie him up. It is yet unclear as to what happened next, but Cicchelli did manage to get in touch with the other side – only more directly than he was perhaps expecting.

Da Silva wrapped Cicchelli’s body up in plastic and concealed him within her room. Once he began to decompose, she tried to mask the smell with charcoal, incense and perfume. Eventually the stench became so unbearable she contacted the police and confessed her crime.

Fed-up lover killed lover in revenge for his violent ways

The couple had met while da Silva was living in Italy. Cicchelli moved back with her when she returned to Brazil and they set up home together.

According to da Silva, Cicchelli was a heavy drug user with violent tendencies. He was a regular abuser of crack and cocaine, and would occasionally beat his lover. He would also initiate ‘black magic rituals’ in which the pair would use ‘coarse salt’ and cut themselves.

The police have recovered Cicchelli’s heavily decomposed body but have not as yet managed to ascertain how the Italian lost his life. Da Silva has been held in custody, pending her eventual trial.


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