In one of the most sickening examples of ‘black magic’ ever recorded, it has been revealed that a teenager in Nigeria killed then raped his own mother after being offered money to do so by a local witch doctor.

The eighteen-year-old – named as Samuel Akpobome – drugged his mother Christiana using a potion that has been concocted by ‘One Love’, the name by which the witch doctor goes by. When that failed to kill her he strangled her in her sleep.

Bizarre black magic ritual involved making love to mother’s corpse

He then made love to his mother’s corpse to complete the bizarre black magic ceremony that was designed to bring the boy wealth. He was to then keep his mother’s corpse for two days then cut off her ear and fingers then bring them to the witch doctor.

Samuel was rumbled while he was making love to the corpse. He was unaware that his grandmother was outside the room. When she entered the room to enquire what he was doing, she discovered her grandson in the most compromising position possible. Horrified, she went to fetch a neighbour.

The police were soon called and Samuel was swiftly arrested. He is to be tried, but the charges are as yet unspecified. It is not known if the witch doctor will be tried too.

Black magic witch doctor promised weird ritual would bring wealth

It is a common ‘magical’ belief in some areas of Nigeria that the spirits are keen to bless people with ‘great wealth’ if they make a suitable sacrifice, such as the murder of a family member. To complete his terrible task, Samuel was offered 50,000 Nigerian naira – about $140 or £100.

“The native doctor told me to kill my mother and sleep with her,” Samuel confessed. “My mother did not offend me. I killed her because of the money.”


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