The authorities in India must be continually tearing their hair out. They must check their calendars daily to make sure that this is 2018 and not 1918 or even earlier. News has leaked out over what must be considered another bizarre, black magic murder.

This time the unfortunate victim was a woman in her seventies. At present the police have no idea whom killed the septuagenarian, but suspect her death to be at the hands of local village sorcerers.

Black magic ritual victim found with sheep intestines in mouth

The woman, who lived in Pillaipalli village in Hyperbad, was found smeared with vermillion (a powered version of the pigment – commonly used by Indian woman to make a mark along their hairline to indicate that they are married) and with sheep intestines stuffed inside her mouth.

The body of the seventy-year-old – named only as A Mallamma – was discovered on the day after Diwali. A local labourer whom lodged with the old lady discovered her body in the evening and immediately alerted neighbours, whom called the police.

No firm motive for the attack has yet been ascertained, but the village’s ‘black magic men’ have immediately been placed under suspicion. To add to the confusion the village’s sixteen CCTV cameras has been turned off that afternoon, and were not turned back on until nearly ten in the evening.

Police suspect ‘inside job’ for bizarre black magic murder

The police believe that the attack is most likely to have been motivated by black magic and superstition. Two gold earrings worn by the victim were not taken, nor were there any signs of sexual assault. Employees at the local government office responsible for the villages’ CCTV system are currently being questioned.

Mallamma lived alone in a two-room clay-tiled roof house and had four daughters and one son, all of whom have left home.


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