As we have mentioned previously, it is not the best time to be an owl in India right now. At this time of year, the superstitious section of the Indian population feel that owls have mystical powers, and that sacrificing an owl can bring its own rewards, including good fortune.

In the latest unfortunate incident, a 40-year-old man in the Sultan Puri region of New Dehli has been arrested on suspicion of ‘sacrificing’ an owl in a black magic ritual designed to attract the woman of his dreams.

Dead owl found in police raid – black magic suspected

Police raided the residence of the accused – named only as ‘Kanahaiya’ – after a tip off from the Animal Welfare Board. Upon conducting a search, they found a dead barn owl.

“He disclosed that he sacrificed the owl to perform some black magic,” said the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Seju Kuruvilla. “In this regard, a case under appropriate sections of Wildlife Protection Act, Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and Indian Penal Code (IPC) has been registered at Sultan Puri police station in Delhi.”

The man said he had purchased the owl in New Dehli, although it has not been revealed if he has disclosed precisely where.

Black magic ritual designed to hypnotise girl into falling in love

It later came to light that Kanahaiya – a truck driver – had seen a YouTube video which showed how the sacrifice of an owl gifted the black magic ritual leader the power of hypnosis. It was Kanahaiya’s intention to hypnotise a local girl he had fallen for into liking him. Bizarrely, it seems that the man’s wife and three children were aware of both his plans and his reasoning.

The owl’s body was found with cut claws and needles puncturing its lungs and liver. The accused originally claimed he found the owl injured and he was attempting to nurse it back to health.


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