Susan Palmer was not a believer in the supernatural when she visited a psychic over thirty years ago. She was still not a believer when the psychic said that her husband would die shortly after her son’s thirteenth birthday, especially as she was childless at the time. Tragically, everything the psychic said came true.

Susan’s son Matthew is now a well-respected filmmaker whom has released a short documentary in which his mother recounts this eerie but poignant tale.

Psychic reading suggests tragic news in the future

At the time of the psychic visit, Susan was married but neither she nor her husband had any plans to become a family. A few years after the psychic’s prediction she suffered a severe bout of pneumonia that could have killed her. Her near-death experience changed her attitude and quickly, the couple conceived.

Matthew was born and the family enjoyed many blissful times together. The predictions of the psychic were largely forgotten until Matthew’s thirteenth birthday.

Susan made jokes to her husband – a heavy smoker – about ‘being careful’ during this time, but the couple did not seriously believe that Susan’s husband’s time was limited.

Then, just two weeks later, while her husband was on his annual golfing trip in Arizona, Susan received terrible news – her husband had suffered a heart attack and had died.

Despite this event, bereaved wife still does believe in the supernatural

“It wasn’t until about a year later, when life became more stable and manageable emotionally, that I reflected on the prediction,” said Susan. “At that point, my reaction was one of awe and discomfort.”

Despite this, Neither Susan nor Matthew believe that psychics can actually predict the future. Susan does admit that the psychic saying at the time “your husband will die but it will be okay,” made her feel better follow the event.

You can view Matthew’s short documentary here.


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