There has been more tragic ‘black magic’ news from India, this time from Katargam in Surat. A family held a black magic ceremony involving the fifty-year-old patriarch which involved them repeatedly jumping up and down upon his chest. Unfortunately the man was so severely injured in the ceremony that he died as a result.

The deceased has been named as Kanji Kumbhar. According to police reports, three of Kumbhar’s son’s – including a minor – as well as his daughter, his daughter-in-law and his wife have all been arrested in connection with Kumbhar’s death.

Fifty-year-old died during punishing black magic ritual

For some unknown reason, the family had become convinced that their patriarch had become possessed by evil spirts. They ‘persuaded’ him to drink water in which some unknown substance had been added, then made him lie down upon the floor on his back.

Members of the family then began to stomp upon Kumbhar’s chest. Eventually, Kumbar sustained injuries that were so bad that he perished as a result.

Upon the discovery that they had killed him, the six members of Kumbhar’s family left the family flat to stay overnight in another part of the city.

Neighbours alerted the local police to the incident, and they recovered Kumbhar’s body and sent it for a post-mortem examination, in which the horrendous injuries Kumbar had sustained were discovered.

Black magic victim died as a result of terrible physical injuries

The policeman in charge of the investigation, Inspector SM Joshi, said: “The post-mortem report revealed that Kumbhar died of shock and haemorrhage as a result of injuries to his spleen and lungs.”

When questioned, Kumbhar’s family at first came up with an alternate explanation for his death, but eventually admitted that he had died as a result of a ‘black magic ceremony’.

All six members of Kumbhar’s family have been charged with murder, an act done by several persons in furtherance of common intention, and for submitting false evidence.


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