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You are an imaginative person, and your imagination is your way of achieving your ambitions and aspirations. You have the power to grow in both your business dealings and your close, personal relationships. You are adventurous and courageous and are constantly on the look out for new experiences and paths to travels. If there is one aspect in which you fail, it is that you tend to exaggerate.




Now is the time in your life for reflection. You need some time on your own so you connect back to your inner, higher self. If you feel that you are not as mature as you ought to be, perhaps you need to be more cautious and patient. Patience will lead you to building solid ground that will be the basis for the rest of your life. Beware you do not spend so long in this state else you will feel abandoned or estranged from loved ones.




You have recently lost something – either something financial or you have lost faith in your own abilities. Perhaps this loss has been necessary to able you to move forwards. A material loss can help you to understand what is important in life, and what is important that’s within you. You can build again with a sense of security, but don’t do it too slowly, or waste too long worrying about the burden that you have to carry.




You are a joyful person whom is full of love. You consider it your mission in life to help and teach others. You are a born performer but you are not the most trusting person – in fact at times you do not even trust yourself. Your relations with people are good, but you find it had to get really close to that one special person. You are sensitive to the needs of others, but you always like to be in control. At times you are guilty of manipulating people emotionally.




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