The owner of the Centre for Psychic Healing and Administration in Awka, Nigeria received a suspicious visitor at her premises on Thursday – a young man carrying a small nylon bag. When prompted to reveal what he was carrying, the man confessed he had the body parts of a young boy.

This sorry tale apparently began a few days previously. A lady known as Blessing Eze (which is not that much of an uncommon name in Nigeria) had approached the young man – a nineteen-year-old named as Sunday Owo – and told him that body parts were needed for a ceremony at the healing centre in Awka.

Man paid to obtain body parts for black magic ritual purposes

Owo said that he paid Blessing N50,000 (around $140, or £110) to be connected to the centre. When he turned up, staff immediately became suspicious about his motives.

The bag he was carrying was taken off him, then brought to Mrs Ifeanyichukwu Ilonzo, the owner of the centre. Upon opening the bag Ilonzo made a horrific discovery – the bag contained the genitals and fingers of a small boy, plus a vial of blood.

The staff at the centre immediately restrained Owo and called both the police and the media.

Psychic healer makes grim discovery – human body parts

Upon being questioned, Owo confessed that he had murdered a four-year-old boy a few days previously. After removing the boy’s genitals and fingers and taking a sample of his blood, Owo threw the rest of the body into a nearby stream.

Ilonzo said that someone named Blessing Eze had visited the centre a few weeks previously. “One Blessing Eze had come for healing of fibroid and l gave her prescription after which she left but had not returned.” said Ilonzo. “Eze’s consultation card bears Ifite-Awka as her address. This is some of the suspected frame-ups by people who wish to undo me.”


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