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You are about to receive news of a project that will truly excite you. You will be able invest a great deal of effort into this venture, and you’ll be able to put all your many talents to good use. You may need to keep lots of plates spinning, to be flexible and to take risks. You need to be guarded though – do not allow this breakthrough to make you greedy, and don’t plunge headfirst in without at least making sensible plans.




You will need to consult those inner demons that dwell within yourself. We all have aspects of our personality that are shadowy or shameful – we need to accept them and deal with them appropriately and in a way that does not cause any harm. You must face this darkness if you are to grow as a person, else you will be forever burdened by your own fears. Make sure you do not become an uncaring person, else you will destroy others and yourself.




You will need to be prepared for a sudden change that is coming. You will need to be resolute and responsible if you want to move successfully with this change of course. It may be quite a chaotic time, but at least it will stimulate you mentally. You will gain clarity and a better appreciation of life, but you also need to make sure you do not become merciless or a victim of your own unthinking, tactless nature.




You need to release your creativity in a manner where results are not guaranteed. You understand that it is conflict that powers the imagination. You will soon be full of vibrant energies that you can put to good use. You feel that you are a born artist whom deserves fame and fortune, and you long for your talents to be recognised. Make sure that you do not end up being trapped by your own reputation.




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