A successful businesswoman from Hampshire has described how she quit the ‘rat race’ and gave the daily commute the elbow in order to help others explore their psychic side. She has now developed a set of simplified tarot cards that she hopes will be big winners within the psychic realm.

Fifty-six-year-old Neshla Avery from Locks Heath was a leading light in the publishing realm until 2014, when she decided she’d really had enough of the rat race. After setting up a psychic reading business as a sideline, she has successfully turned something of a hobby into her full-time profession.

Psychic reader knew she had talents from a very young age

“I have always been psychic, ever since I was young,” says Neshla. “I knew if people were going to phone before they rang and could sense if people were not well or were not telling the truth. I never saw ghosts but I felt presences and could tune into them.”

When she was a youngster, Neshla’s family did not approve of her psychic claims. “I was told I had an over-active imagination,” she said. This disapproval led to her hiding her gifts so that she would fit in with the rest of her peer group.

When she took maternity leave for the birth of her first child, Neshla began to explore her psychic side and started to experiment with tarot cards. She began to give readings for friends, then friends of friends, until she’d developed an extensive client list.

Neshla has now designed special tarot card decks aimed at beginners

Eventually, people became so interested in her tarot card readings that Neshla decided to design her own course for people who wanted to learn what that card meanings revealed. She’s now gone on to design her own set of ‘simplified’ tarot cards aimed at beginners.

“My family mostly still think I’m bonkers though,” admitted Neshla, sadly. “But my children are proud of me. They see that I enjoy what I’m doing.”


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