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You cling on too tightly to the life that you have developed for yourself, and you can get weighed down by your responsibilities. You find excitement hard to uncover, and your life at times is boring, leading to depression. You need to explore ideas to create a new goal or target, but don’t let it mean that the same old cycle starts all over again. You will never break out until you find something you truly love.



You have an appealing personality, are a marvellous lover and you’ve never found it hard to ‘make’ people fall in love with you. You must work hard to keep up this aspect of your nature, else it may vanish and you may never be able to recover it. Life to you is all about pleasure, and you have never seen the point of spending time wailing over the lost loves of your life. You are well aware of your own worth, but do not allow this to make you selfish.



You have suffered a setback recently but something unexpected will rise out of the debris to lead to a new wonderful beginning. You will soon feel at peace with everything that has happened in you life, and everything that is happening. You’ll be able to put aside your past unhappiness to find the true meaning about your existence and your place within the world. Don’t let this new sense of peace lead to blind hope – you still need to work.



You can soon put aside your feelings of feeling inferior, and of avoiding situations that you think will make you uncomfortable. You need to think and understand what it is that you truly want from life. Be logical and optimistic. You need to hurdle your fear of confrontation or of consequences, or you will grow to regret your tendency towards indecision. Do not reflect too much though, as that will simply cause you unhelpful anguish.




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