No matter your opinion on the subject, it’s hard to deny that ‘near death experiences’ (or NDEs for short) are always a fascinating read. Whether they are actual experiences of the afterlife or simple brain hallucinations remains a contentious debate, though. Now a woman named as Lauren has shared her own NDR with the NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation).

Lauren was experiencing the typically mundane day that most of us are used to, when she very unexpectedly suffered cardiac arrest. As she fell unconscious, she found herself in some manner of otherworldly realm, which she described as ‘magical woods’.

Near death experience sees woman encounter possible idyllic paradise

“I was walking through a hauntingly, magical wooded area,” Lauren told the NDERF. “It was an old-growth forest with trees so tall and thin that their scant canopies reached up to the heavens so it seemed. Their trunks were narrow, smooth, light and refreshing.”

“Their leaves were green with just a hint of (autumn) colouring,” Lauren continued. “There were giant birch trees, but in a forest, I’d never before seen or visited in real life. It was a completely foreign world. It was quite possibly the farthest I’ve ever traveled and yet I have no real way of measuring the distance.”

Brush with death leaves woman feeling a sense of being at peace

Lauren said that she found the silence that she encountered during her NDE liberating. She felt a total calm, total oneness and complete peace during the whole experience.

“More consciousness and alertness than normal,’ she said. “I felt completely one with everything and completely awake. I was mindful of every leaf falling, every footstep, and every visual sensation as though I’d gone from black and white into a technicolor world. Since that experience, I’ve learned that my experience is how many people describe moments of enlightenment.”

Happily, Lauren regained consciousness following her cardiac episode, and with the help of medical personnel has gone on to make a full recovery.


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