“If We Could Talk To The Animals” – perhaps the most famous song from the musical version of the film ‘Doctor Doolittle’. Human beings have perhaps long wondered what it would be like to communicate with the beasts of the forest and beyond. Some people have the ability to do just that – or so they claim.

Pet psychic reveals how she discovered her talent

Now a pet psychic has opened up to explain how she discovered her skills in communicating with animals.  She hopes that by opening up about her experiences she can help others find their psychic side when it comes to our feathered and furry friends.

New York-based Shira Plotzker did not have any ambitions to become a pet psychic. She was at home one day watching the famed animal communicator Sonya Fitzpatrick when she noticed that her dog was ‘talking’ to her.

“He told me he thought it was a lot of fun to be on TV!” said Shira. “And he was very proud of himself for doing so good.”

That was fifteen years ago and it began for Shira a whole new life. She has since gone on to speak to all manner of beasts, from snakes to elephants. Her main clientele are cats and dogs though, and she has even spoken to a few police dogs (although the police are not allowed to professionally acknowledge her authenticity).

Pet psychic – genuine or deluded?

Shira’s talents do not come cheap, though. A full hour of cat conversation or doggy dialogue will set you back $100. Some pet psychics charge even more – for example Laura Stinchfield from California will charge you $150 just for a thirty minute phone call.

Can people tune into an animal’s thoughts telepathically? Skeptics of course say no, and experts claim that so-called pet psychics are simply adept at reading an animal’s facial expressions and body language. As Fitzpatrick herself say, “You just have to trust your imagination.”


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