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There is a chance that you will soon experience an event that will bring you to a new level of awareness. You will find new levels of understanding about your role in life and you will decrease your previous opinions about the importance of ego and just where your life was heading. It will be like being reborn, and you will look back on this moment as a crucial part of your journey of personal and spiritual development.




it is likely that soon you will be soon coming into great wealth, but not necessarily monetary wealth. You may make a significant achievement, perhaps in the creative realm. You may even dismiss the notion that life is about material gain at all. This could be the way that you truly leave your mark on the world, but do not hang on to the past because you are fearful of the unknown future.




You are a caring and tender person. You like to make sure that other people are enjoying themselves, and you can discount your own pleasures in order to make other people feel happy. You are a secure person whom enjoys close friendships and strong bonds with people. You can become insecure on odd occasions, leading to suspicion and depression. Sometimes you can be stubborn and immovable, which too leads to feelings of sadness.




Finally, the recent efforts that you have made in your life will gain you the rewards that you deserve.  This will give you the chance to take stock and review where you are heading, and whether you are happy about your choices. You have betrayed yourself in the past, so now is the time to ask for forgiveness. You understand that your ultimate judge is yourself, but do not condemn nor punish yourself else it will be to your detriment.




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