Political sparring has been ‘a thing’ for decades, but – mainly thanks to President Trump – in recent times it has been reduced to the kind of verbal taunting usually witnessed at school playgrounds. Now, in Zimbabwe, a political opponent of the current president there has blamed the country’s top politician’s ‘use of black magic’ for a series of road accident deaths.

Ruling president of Zimbabwe accused of black magic and ‘juju’ by opponent

Jonathan Nathaniel Moyo is the man making the accusations. Moyo served under former president Robert Mugabe in several roles, including the Minister of Higher Education and the Minister of Information and Publicity. Moyo is blaming the current president – Emmerson Mnangagwa – and his alleged use of black magic for a series of fires that have been causing severe issues in the country.

According to Moyo: “Many know that Mnangagwa is into spirit mediums, nyangas and juju rituals big time. The scarf is a juju item. Reports of rituals done in Guinea are from insiders who say the rituals require bloodletting through induced road carnage and atrocities.”

Emmerson visited the neighbouring country of Guinea for two days at the start of November. According to Moyo, over one hundred people ‘died on the streets’ of Guinea during the two weeks following Emmerson’s visit.

Politician claims president ‘uses black magic’ to maintain a grip on power

Moyo went on to say: “In the primitive world of spirit mediums and juju rituals a rich nyangas can cause an influential, powerful and primitive politician to cause the spilling of blood via a bloody atrocity or induced bloody road carnage in the primitive belief the bloodletting will keep the politician in power.”

This is not the first time by a long shot that Moyo has made such claims. Less than a fortnight ago the politician said that Mnangagwa was ‘a brutal killer’.

Mnangagwa is a member of the ruling Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (the ZANU-PF). Moyo was expelled from the ZANU-PF almost exactly a year ago.


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