On Christmas Day it will be two years since the popular singer George Michael passed away. He still of course has legions of adoring fans, but some fans are having more trouble in ‘letting go’ then others. One fan, from Carlton in Nottinghamshire, UK, has used the talents of a psychic to find just how Michael is getting on in the afterlife.

The psychic in question is the oft-ridiculed Derek Acorah. Acorah courted controversy in 2012 when he ‘revealed’ that Madeline McCann – the young girl who disappeared without trace from a holiday apartment in Praia de Luz, Portugal, in 2007 – was in the spirit world, although he later denied such claims. Acorah how had a column in the UK’s ‘Take a Break’ magazine.

Psychic reading reveals that George Michael is writing new tunes

The Michael fan is Sally, who is 50 years old. She asked Acorah how her favourite singer was coping with heaven, whether he is still making music and whether he has teamed up with Michael Jackson.

Said Acorah: “George passed very peacefully and yes, he has met up with Michael Jackson on the other side, where they are enjoying writing and performing songs separately and together. They’re also chatting about new bands whether they like the latest music or not! They have access to any instruments or equipment they may want.”

Skeptics point out flaws in psychic’s George Michael claims

Acorah’s comments have attracted plenty of responses from skeptics, though. One person via Twitter asked why there was no mention of a vast musical warehouse in the bible. Another asked whether Beethoven, when he died, instantly had access to electric guitars and audio effects units, or did he have to wait until they were invented on Earth.

Acorah has always claimed to be legitimately in touch with the other side, although in 2005 he was ‘found out’ when he channeled the names of spirits ‘Rik Eedies’ and ‘Kreed Kafer’ during a live show. He was unaware that tricksters had fed these names to him in advance, them being anagrams of ‘Derek Lies’ and ‘Derek Faker’.


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