A few weeks ago we reported on the news that psychics had helped one Mike Carroll uncover what could be the skeletal remains of his father in the basement of his home in Lake Grove, New York. Now, following a further excavation, police have ascertained that a skull found in the excavation shows signs of ‘blunt force trauma’.

The officer in charge of the investigation – Detective Lieutenant Kevin Beyrer – said that the Carroll family home was in the process of being constructed in 1961 when patriarch George vanished at the age of around 26. He allegedly walked out on his three children, two boys and one girl.

According to mother, father went out one day and ‘never came back’

Once the children grew up they began to ask questions as to what had happened to their father, only to be told by their mother, Dorothy, that he ‘went out and never came back’. Despite this, the children were aware of rumours that their father had been killed, and that his body was buried in the basement.

Efforts by the county coroner are still ongoing in identifying the skeleton, which has not as yet been confirmed to be George’s. Even if the remains are positively found to be that of George Carroll, it could be a mystery that remains unanswered, as Dorothy Carroll passed away in 1998.

Efforts to solve this mystery appear continuously to fall on stony ground

Mike Carroll had identified one person who might have been in a position to shed some light on this affair – Dorothy’s second husband Richard Darress. However, it has now been found that Darress himself passed away in Mexico just a few weeks ago.

“Time is our enemy,” said Beyrer. “We want people with firsthand knowledge, but because so much time has passed, we have not been able to find anyone with firsthand knowledge.”


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