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You will encounter an emotional situation where you will have to make a choice with your head, instead of your heart. You need to make the correct decision else a lot of positive potentials will be lost to you. You will need to commit and understand how you truly feel if you are to find love again. Do not allow yourself to be corrupted, or to stagnant. Do not manipulate others for your own personal gain.




You are about to enter a new phase in your emotional life. Feelings you have kept suppressed for a long time will rise and if you are seeking your true soulmate, you will soon find them. You will go on to enjoy a long and fruitful attachment but make certain that you do not over-indulge. Life will have new meaning for you but not use it as an escape from your normal responsibilities.




You are a caring and tender person. You like to make sure that other people are enjoying themselves, and you can discount your own pleasures in order to make other people feel happy. You are a secure person whom enjoys close friendships and strong bonds with people. You can become insecure on odd occasions, leading to suspicion and depression. Sometimes you can be stubborn and immovable, which too leads to feelings of sadness.




There are signs that your love life could be on the verge of a new period of excellence. You will find someone new, but you must not compare them to people whom you have loved before, going right back to your childhood. You will be enchanted by this new period of your life as it will allow you to explore your true passions. Beware that this emotional time is not simply because you have become lonely, as that will allow you to be exploited.


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