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You will soon feel full of life, energy, generosity and self-confidence. You will gain the power to move forwards with anything that you plan. You will make many very good friends, and finding that one special someone is definitely on the cards. Be wary though – the heat of the sun can destroy as well, if you do not respect that power that it has blessed you with.




You are courageous and strong. You have a lot of self-discipline and determination. You like people who follow you without question as soon as you tell them what to do. You like to surround yourself with beauty, and you are always seeking the most beautiful person around as your partner. You can be destructive, though, and use brute strength when refinement would have been a better option.




You need to find dedication in your life – understand what you have talent in and stick to it. You may even have to learn a new skill, but you will find something that you do truly excel in. You can only achieve the best via hard work and dedication, and you will need to add extra to your efforts if you want to succeed. It will tough, but you will need not let yourself become isolated during this time, or suffer the delusion that you are better than you are.




You will need to learn to understand and forgive people if you wish to feel fulfilled. There is a nurturing element within you, and you also need to feel the kind of close love that only family can generate. If you want to avoid sadness, then you should understand your own needs and feelings. It is never too late to find that special someone – as long as you do not become overly-possessive about them.


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