A man was arrested on a train travelling through India’s Bikar Saran region after being spotted carrying some very disturbing luggage indeed – fifty human skeletons.

The accused man has been named as Sanjay Prasad, and he was travelling on the Ballia-Sealdah Express. After a tip-off, the police were waiting for Sanjay as he disembarked at the Chapra railway station on Tuesday this week.

Man was smuggling human remains to be used for ‘black magic’ purposes

Deputy superintendent of police, Mohammed Tanvir, has told the media that Prasad has been identified as part of a gang of international corpse smugglers. Prasad had obtained the corpses from Balia in Uttar Pradesh, and it was his intention to smuggle the remains from India to China via Bhutan.

Prasad confessed that he has smuggled human remains before to ‘Tantriks’ in China and Nepal. A tantrik is a ‘black magic man’ who follows the mystic traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism. Human remains are highly sort after as they are used in many ‘black magic’ style ceremonies.

“Further investigation revealed that he [Prasad] has connections with Bhutan and Nepal because he had Bhutanese currency and Nepalese SIM cards,” explained Deputy SP Tanvir. “He confessed that he used to sell the bones to Tantriks at high costs at those places, pointing at the fact that the smuggling racket has national and international links.”

Corpses may also have been intended to be sold to medical students

It is also possible that Prasad was aiming to sell the skeletons to medical students in Nepal and Bhutan. In 2009 police found 67 human skulls on a bus destined for Nepal, and in 2004 over one thousand human skulls were found in Gaya, a holy city In Bihar, India.

Prasad will appear in court today, Wednesday November 28. It has not been revealed as to which misdemeanour he will be charged with.


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