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You need to release your creativity in a manner where results are not guaranteed. You understand that it is conflict that powers the imagination. You will soon be full of vibrant energies that you can put to good use. You feel that you are a born artist whom deserves fame and fortune, and you long for your talents to be recognised. Make sure that you do not end up being trapped by your own reputation.




Now is the time in your life for reflection. You need some time on your own so you connect back to your inner, higher self. If you feel that you are not as mature as you ought to be, perhaps you need to be more cautious and patient. Patience will lead you to building solid ground that will be the basis for the rest of your life. Beware you do not spend so long in this state else you will feel abandoned or estranged from loved ones.




You understand that the only thing that will bring you to where you want to be is to make as much of an effort as possible. You enjoy the efforts of creativity and work hard to make the world a more beautiful place. You consider that you have good taste, and find it hard to accept that other people may have different opinions. You can sometimes appear aloof and snobbish.




You are someone whom likes to teach, and whom likes to share their wisdom with others. You also like to heal arguments, and ponder over thoughtful issues. People come for you for advice, and you tell them to seek wisdom and work hard to overcome life’s challenges. You do find it hard to trust others, and sometimes you do not practice all that you preach.


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