It’s been a wonderful time for the younger members of the royal family over the past five years or so. With weddings and babies arriving thick and fast, the standing of the royals in both the UK and abroad has been higher than it has for decades. It’s been a wonderful time for psychics too, as their predictions about weddings, babies and the chances of Harry and Meghan’s marriage lasting have been making front page news in some of the more sensationalist UK publications.

Now the psychics are out in force about Meghan Markle’s pregnancy, and the consensus of opinion is that the next royal baby will arrive much sooner than the anticipated expected date of April.

Psychic reading reveals premature arrival for next royal baby

Debbie Frank is a well-respected psychic who has made some spectacularly accurate predictions in the past. She has weighed in with her thoughts about Harry and Megan’s first child.

“I’m quite good at connecting with royal births and with Meghan and Harry’s baby the main connections are there and I’m thinking a much earlier birth than late April,” said Frank.

Writing in the UK periodical Tatler, Frank was surprisingly coy about predicting the gender of Meghan’s child. “You can’t really predict,” she said.

The late Princess Di consulted with psychic on a daily basis

Frank has been in tune with the royal family for many years, and she was Princess Diana’s psychic advisor for the eight years prior to her tragic death. Frank even predicted her royal pal’s fatal accident, but out of respect for the family kept it to herself until after Diana’s funeral.

Of Diana, Frank said: “She was very maternal and being a mother was the most important thing to her but also as a mother to the world and not just her boys. She would always be there for people and get involved in a very personal way.”


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