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Finally, the recent efforts that you have made in your life will gain you the rewards that you deserve.  This will give you the chance to take stock and review where you are heading, and whether you are happy about your choices. You have betrayed yourself in the past, so now is the time to ask for forgiveness. You understand that your ultimate judge is yourself, but do not condemn nor punish yourself else it will be to your detriment.




You are all about the power of attraction, and of obtaining power over everything else. You have a deep and unshakable opinion concerning your own worth, and one that is based upon the opinions of others. You exude so much confidence that you can drag a number of ‘hangers on’ along with you, and you allow them to become a burden. You can also be a manipulative person at times.




You are a person whom enjoys the luxuries that life can bring. You also enjoy good, clean living and the joys of feeling healthy. You are fun to be with and make friends with ease. You enjoy dealing with animals, exploring your artistic side and travelling. You can be interfering though, and you can over-elaborate when you are planning something when it would be better just to get on with things.




You are about to enter a time of contemplation and withdrawal after a recent hectic spell. You need to revert back to conventional thinking – thoughts and ideas that have held you in good stead in the past. You will experience harmony as a result, but make sure that you do not become isolated, or that your ideas become inflexible.


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