Yet another witch-hunt related murder has emerged from – no prizes for guessing where – India. This time, two men have been arrested for beheading a 50-year-old tribal woman in Chhota Udepur, in the state of Gujarat. Upon their arrest, the two men confessed they had killed the woman as they suspected her of being a witch.

Black magic practitioner said woman had been killed by a witch

The pair – Chhagan Rathwa and Mukesh Rathwa (no relation) – had consulted a witch doctor after the death of Chhagan’s mother two weeks ago. He had been suspicious about her death, as she had simply returned home one day after taking the cattle out to graze and died a few hours later. She had not been suffering from any kind of illness.

The witch doctor told Chhagan that his mother had met a women while she was taking the cattle out, and that this woman had performed some kind of black magic upon her. For reasons unknown, Chhagan decided that his mother had encountered a local woman, Reshli Rathwa.

Chhagan met with his friend Mukesh and explained to him what he had been told by the witch doctor. Together they hatched a plan to murder Reshli in ‘retaliation’ for the death of his mother.

Evil pair beheaded ‘black magic woman’ in her sleep

They broke into Reshi’s home on Monday night via a ventilation window and began to attack her. Eventually, they managed to behead her and chop off some of her fingers and toes. Once they had completed their dastardly deed they dug a pit close to a nearby river and buried her head.

Unbeknown to the pair Reshli’s eight-year-old niece was sleeping in the same room as her aunt on the evening she was murdered, and she identified the 20-year-old labourer Chhagan as one of the assailants. Reshli’s body was discovered by her son, Jaisinh, on Tuesday morning.


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