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Now is the time in your life for reflection. You need some time on your own so you connect back to your inner, higher self. If you feel that you are not as mature as you ought to be, perhaps you need to be more cautious and patient. Patience will lead you to building solid ground that will be the basis for the rest of your life. Beware you do not spend so long in this state else you will feel abandoned or estranged from loved ones.




You have built a solid base upon which your plans are likely to bear fruit, however there is a lot of hard work ahead. You also need to be flexible and to listen to others if you want this to be a success. Be solid and you will have something to celebrate. Beware though – if you do not see this through to completion you will regret it. You will lack the confidence to finish your projects if you fail to finish this one.




You are about to enter a difficult time in your life because of your fears and your fantasies. You are scared that you will lose a loved one, or that your life will take a turn for the worse. You need to learn to deal with this, else it will destroy you. If you are successful, it will empower you to become a better person, and to deal with adversity in a much better fashion.




You are an imaginative person, and your imagination is your way of achieving your ambitions and aspirations. You have the power to grow in both your business dealings and your close, personal relationships. You are adventurous and courageous and are constantly on the look out for new experiences and paths to travels. If there is one aspect in which you fail, it is that you tend to exaggerate.


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