There have been plenty of tales in recent times of young children telling stunned parents how they ‘died’ in a ‘previous life’. This has led to speculation that reincarnation is actually how some people pass from one life to the next. As is common with such stories, ‘memories’ of previous lives fade as a child grows up.

Now an Australian woman named Abbey Lenton has come forward to recount how she, as a toddler, used to terrify her parents with vivid tales of her previous life as a boy, and how she died.

Child recalls previous life in which she met a traumatic end

These tales began one day when Abbey was in the bath. She became distressed and uttered the chilling words: “I know how I died. When I was a boy, I know how I died. I drowned. I remember now. I drowned.”

Initially Abbey’s parents put this down to their daughter having an overactive imagination, but as she grew older the tales grew more and more sophisticated. She would mention places she visited as a boy, and how her dad looked different when she’d been in her previous life.

Things took an even more bizarre twist when Abbey began to speak in a different language. She would chatter away to herself for hours using words that were not from her native tongue. Later her mum confessed to her that she though the ‘made up’ language sounded like Italian.

Psychic reading suggests a traumatic death leaves an imprint upon your soul

Despite the memories fading Abbey still remembers her claims of being a boy in a previous life. As an adult Abbey went to visit Queensland psychic Rose Smith. Rose herself claims to remember past lives in Ancient Rome and eighteenth-century France.

Rose told Abbey that often a ‘traumatic’ death leaves an imprint upon a soul as it progresses to the next life, and that memories of such a death are maintained as the previous ‘spirit’ seeks a resolution to their untimely demise, by coming to terms with it in their next existence.


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