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You are an ambitious person who relies upon your experience to get you to where you need to be. You take care of yourself, and feel that others should do the same. You are practical and will help people, but only if there is something in it for you. You often see the potential in things that others fail to see. You can be a little ruthless though, and you ignore the feelings and needs of others if that suits you.




You are a very spiritual person whom inspires others with their creative visions. You teach people how to respect authority, and to be reliant upon others much less than they rely upon themselves. The power you display can help people to grow and develop. Beware though that you do not become self-righteous or arrogant, or that you stomp over the feelings of the people that you are supposed to be helping.




You are a passionate person whose fantasies – even though they might seem silly and childish to some – become more mature as they become concrete. You are not one for commitment as you like your own freedom too much. You enjoy travel, and you do not like feeling that you have put down roots. You wish that people took you more seriously, but you’re never around long enough to be thought of as reliable.




A period in your life is approaching where you will need to leave your innocent ways behind. Some aspect of your life seemed attractive in the first light, but having shared and accepted your feelings you understand more energy is needed to further this cause into something deeper and more meaningful. If you do what you need to do it will bring you great joy, but you need to deal with the envy of others.

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