Many of today’s hottest celebrity designers are turning their attention to the iconic New York artist Marko Stout to decorate their clients’ homes. The artist’s numerous solo exhibitions and vibrant work are attracting of a huge number of celebrity fans eager to collect and decorate their homes with his work. Carson Kressley, star of the hit TV series “Queer Eye for a Straight Guy” is one such fan who says “Marko Stout is total amaz-balls!”

Marko Stout has a unique urban style that captures erotic themes with powerful intense subjects and exaggerated colors to reinforce the work’s emotions. So of course, it’s no surprise how any art dealers and celebrities are now collecting his work and decorating their homes with the artist. Vince Neil Lead singer is “Mötley Crüe” is a close friend and big collector of the artist. In a recent video posting, the singer said, “My cool buddy Marko Stout is an awesome artist! His stuff really rocks!” Another big fan is also, “Keeping up with Kardashians” co-star, Caitlyn Jenner admits she is very excited about Marko Stout. She is a big fan and friend of Stout for many years.

Many in the media and art world are saying Marko Stout is our generation’s Andy Warhol, in style, versatility, and friendships with celebrities. The works New York City’s hottest contemporary artist Marko Stout can be found in the homes of many of today’s coolest celebrities. The artist continues to blow the minds of art fans, critics and celebrities with his uncommon variety of urban creativity. MTV’s “The Jersey Shore” star Snooki is another big fan of Marko Stout and has fallen in love with the artist’s work, as has Lance Bass the singer from NSYNC. In a posted YouTube video praised Marko’s artworks, saying “Marko Stout’s art is are so damn cool!”

Marko Stout’s most recent sold-out solo exhibitions at New York’s Caelum Gallery, Gallery MC, Emmanuel Fremin Gallery, Artifact Gallery, and Sepia Eye Gallery have brought a huge number of young fans, art dealers and international collectors eager to meet the celebrity artist and buy the latest and somewhat controversial works from this pop art master, who many in the art world are comparing to fellow New York pop artists; Jeff Koons and Andy Warhol. So much so, that the Google’s result in a search for Marko Stout that people searching for the artist are also searching for Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, Roy Lichtenstein, and Milo Moire- a real signal that the artist’s stock is rapidly on the rise.

By Liz Morgan, Interior Design Magazine Editor


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