More reasons to worry about the foreign policy of a Donald Trump Government, apart from his erratic and impulsive personality, one of the most disturbing things if elected would be conflicts of interest when it comes to investments in many countries, and their debts to foreign banks.


The Republican candidate, Donald Trump, at a campaign rally in Toledo, Ohio, on September 21. Evan Vucci AP

Certainly there are many other reasons for concern, such as the fact that Trump would be an ideal attraction for terrorists of the Islamic State, and that would unite the Muslim world against the United States.

But the more immediate problem would be that Trump could be subject to external pressures and blackmails, way more than any other president in recent US history.

This is because, unlike their predecessors in the past five decades, Trump says that if elected, he will not create a blind trust to manage his fortune. Instead, Trump says that if elected, he would give the management responsibility of his business empire to his children, as if it might open a insider connection to the 22 countries where trump has hotels, golf courses and other investments.

As such Trump might influence the White House or use their commercial links to ask for special favors.

“I’ll have my kids and executives managing the company, and will not speak [business] with them,” Trump told Fox News on September 15. Really? Are we supposed to believe that during the four years of his presidency would not talk business with his children who are among his closest political advisers?.

Worse, Trump is the first presidential candidate in decades who refuses to show their tax returns, claiming the excuse of being audited. We know a lot more about finances Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation then of Trump.

Trump’s refusal to disclose this information leaves us in the dark about the amount of his fortune, and all countries and foreign governments with which Trump is doing business.

Last week, a group of 50 former officials of foreign policy Democrats and Republicans issued a letter expressing concern that “Donald Trump has not yet revealed to the American public his company international business relations at a time when it is increasingly clear that their links abroad could be a significant conflicts of interest. “

When I read that letter, I could not help thinking of some of Trump’s recent statements on foreign policy.

Could it be when Trump recently said he has “nothing but praise” for the authoritarian president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, because the Trump Organization inaugurated the building complex at $ 400 million, The Trump Towers in Istanbul  four years ago?.

Could it be that Trump constantly praises the Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin and Russian oligarchs close to the government of Putin could be among their best customers when it comes to real estate? (Donald Trump Jr., Trump’s son, said in 2008 that “the Russians are quite disproportionate section of many of our assets,” and that “we see a lot of money coming from Russia,” according to The Washington Post).

Could it be that Trump has a personal grudge against Mexico, and is proposing to erect a fence along the border, because his project three luxury towers Trump Ocean Resort Baja Mexico in that country was a monumental failure? (The project was stopped in 2009, two years after starting, leaving a long trail of lawsuits.)

My opinion: It is true that these are only questions, which may or may not indicate that there are personal financial motivations behind the foreign policy or positions of Trump.

But if Trump wants us to talk about this problem-instead of insulting our intelligence by saying he would cut ties with his business empire and letting his children administrate-  he must disclose the tax returns first prior to creating a blind trust to manage his fortune.

Otherwise, if he wins, we’ll never know if Trump is working for the country, or for himself.


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