Mexico will NOT pay for any Mexican Wall says a Governmental spokesperson.

The Government of Mexico will not pay for any border wall, said Eduardo Sanchez, spokesman for the President of Mexico Enrique Peña Nieto.

The Mexican government says it is not going to help pay for a fence along its border with the United States, a proposal driven by the pre Republican candidate Donald Trump, who was a recent favorite to win the Presidential election of 2016. However at this date and time Hillary Clinton has taken a small lead in this almost comical election race.

“This reflects an enormous ignorance of what represents Mexico, and the irresponsibility of the candidate that is saying it,” said Sanchez, referring to Donald Trump.

He added that the Mexican government is not taking anything seriously that comes out of the mouth of this presidential nominee aka D Trump.

For months, the billionaire businessman has advocated building a wall to stop illegal immigration, and promised that Mexico would pay for it. What kind of crap is this IMHO? At least Hillary LIES with some sort of professionalism. Having said that we all know that not one of these people can be trusted judging by past documented experiences.

Going back to the Great wall of Mexico, in an interview Tuesday on Fox News, he) Donald Trump) said Mexico “probably will just give us the money” to build it.

“But we need the wall. We have to stop these murderers entering the USA [referring to Mexican migrants], “said Trump.

The real estate mogul said from his inaugural speech as a presidential candidate, illegal immigrants are bringing drugs and crime across the border.

The spokesman for the Mexican president threw some cold water on the statements of Mr. Trump.

“Mexicans in the United States work with passion and do their job well,” Sanchez told the US media specialized in finance and business. “His comments reflect a huge lack of knowledge of reality in the United States.”

Sanchez said that the Mexican government has not taken any statements from  Donald Trump in the election campaign as serious proposals.

“Most Mexicans in the US follow the laws of the nation, and immigrants are an important part of the American workforce”, Sanchez said.


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