US-Mexcio Boarder

Trump to construct the border Wall at American- Mexican boundary. The official executive orders regarding the same will be signed on Wednesday- as confirmed by White House officials to CNN.

A huge amount of Funds from federal treasuries would be directed towards the execution of the plan.

The official announcement will be made by the President during a meet with Department of Homeland security.

The exact details of the entire program would be revealed only with the official announcement. Still, it is expected that the plan would be executed along the Bush Era Fence Act.

The plan has been on Trump’s mind since long. Last Month, in January trump had an official discussion with US Army Corps of Engineers to decide the environment laws to be implemented for the project.

An Official of the Interior Department who participated in the meet revealed about Trump’s eagerness to see the project completed. The transition team considered all the potential risks that would be faced during the implementation of the plan to check obstacles.

Trump’s Tweet on Tuesday confirmed the news:

Building a wall at this, 2000 mile long US-Mexico Border would ask for a massive budget. As per the reports, the total expenses would account to tens of billions of dollars.

While the Homeland security Budget for Border Patrolling and services has been estimated to be $175 million. But with some added sources of funds the construction will soon begin.

The president though is expecting Mexico to contribute for the same. But Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto totally denied to make any such commitments.

Yet the two dignitaries have scheduled a meeting for next week, ahead of this announcement. Trump is looking forward to the official meet which would let them discuss the matter in deep.

Strike against Immigrants

The Sanctuary cities are at a great risk now. Trump is ready to take requisite action against them to punish them for their disobedience against the state’s order of Anti- immigration.

Trump’s party agenda was totally anti-immigrant and the whole campaign revolved around that only. Yet with time his attitude towards the matter seemed to get a little easy.

But now the American President is coming back to his vows.

The local officials not supporting the state in their attempt towards illegal refugees deportation would also be punished.He might take strict actions against them launching a policy of non-funding the Sanctuary cities.

Also, the proposed plan of action would include restricting the admissions of immigrants from terror-ridden countries like Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

Not only this, but Visa applications from all these countries and some Muslim countries might also be rejected for a period of 30 days till the state formulate a new procedure for the same.

And even those for these countries who already have visas will not be spared. The DHS would be asked to thoroughly judge these people to check they have any terrorism-related ties.


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