Hundreds of people protest Sunday at the international arrivals terminal at Logan International Airport in Boston. Chris Wick - CTN News


The Canadian government announced Sunday that it will offer temporary residence to those individuals who have been stranded in Canada following the US decision to ban the entry of nationals from seven Muslim-majority countries.

The Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Ahmed Hussen, announced the measure during a press conference called urgently.

Hussen also confirmed that the White House clarified to Canada that Canada’s citizens with dual nationality and permanent residents in Canada from affected nations are not harmed by the ban.

“The White House has assured us that Canadians with dual nationality are not affected by the executive order. They have also assured us that permanent residents in Canada with passports from all seven countries can enter (in the United States), “Hussen explained.

Canadian officials revealed that US officials did not realize that the executive order issued on Friday by President Donald Trump would affect individuals with dual citizenship.

The Canadian government also noted that “the United States did not previously advise Canada of the measure”.

National security adviser to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told a press conference that he was in contact with Gen. Michael Flynn, Trump’s national security adviser yesterday to clarify the scope of the order.

He pointed out that in his “first conversation” it was clear that the White House had no intention of banning Canadians with dual nationality from the countries affected and after raising the question, received a call to “confirm” that They would not be affected.

The Canadian security adviser repeated that the US authorities did not seem to notice the “consequences” of the presidential executive order.

Trudeau’s security adviser also noted that a small number of foreigners are stranded at Canadian airports as a result of the ban.

 Trudeau said “Canada welcomes refugees”

“These individuals will be eligible for temporary residence” announced Hussen.

Mr. Hussen, who was born in Somalia, one of the countries affected by the US veto, declined to express his opinion on the measure taken by President Trump and reiterated that “Canada will remain a country open to refugees and immigrants”.

Also today, the US Consulate in Toronto reported that it will “temporarily suspend its services to the public” on Monday in response to a “large demonstration” scheduled to be held tomorrow in the vicinity.


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