Shooting in Jupiter leaves three Dead / CTN News

It was the last prayer of the day at a Mosque of the Muslims Islamic Cultural Center, located in the suburb of Sainte-Foy, on the outskirts of Quebec.

The local clock marked 19.45 hours of Sunday. About fifty men prayed in the main hall. The tranquility was broken by the entrance of two men. One of them, a hooded gunslinger that opened fire at will.

They killed six people and wounded eight others; Five are in critical condition. The victims were all Canadians with dual nationality aged between 35 and 65 years.

An unprecedented attempt in Canada shortly after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called it a “terrorist attack directed against Muslims.”

The shooting took place a few hours after Trudeau made public his promise that Canada would receive refugees “regardless of their faith”, thus disregarding Donald Trump’s decision to ban US entry to citizens of seven Muslim countries.

The suspect of the horrid attack was taken yesterday to court and charged with six counts of murder with premeditation and five of attempted murder. He was identified as Alexandre Bissonnette, 27, a political science student at Laval University, whose campus is located a few hundred meters from the mosque.

It is the first time that such an attack has been carried out against a mosque in Canada, where the Muslim population reaches 1.1 million people, according to figures from the Institute of Statistics.

“Just Like in other places in the world, Quebec is hit by terrorism. We will face it together, with courage and solidarity, “said Couillard.

The prime minister promised to protect “all Canadians,” including the Muslim community.


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