Eric Trump, son of President Donald Trump, in New York, January 6, 2017. The Washington Post EFE


The business trip of Eric Trump, the second son of President Donald Trump cost US taxpayers $97,830, the Washington Post reported Friday, claiming to have had access to travel bills.

Eric Trump traveled in early January to the tourist resort of Punta del Este, where business conglomerate Trump is building one of its exclusive hotels to promote the brand.

Although it was a business trip, the security of the young man, being part of the family of the president falls under the Secret Service, that is, in the public arina.

The hotel rooms of the agents cost a total of $ 88,320, while those of the staff of the US embassy in Montevideo displaced to support the security deployment totaled $ 9,510 more.

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In total, an account of $ 97,830 for a short trip of about two nights, according to the bills to which the Post had access.

Trump has transferred control of its business conglomerate to its two adult male children, Donald Jr. and Eric, to avoid potential conflicts of interest during his tenure.

However, doubts remain about how he will be able to completely separate from an organization that bears his name and has “Trump” properties around the world.

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“The trip to Uruguay shows that the government is inevitably involved with the Trump company as a result of the president’s refusal to liquidate his assets. Thus, government agencies are forced to pay to support the business operations that ultimately help the president get richer, “the paper writes in his article.

We Travel , you PAY

“Although the Trumps have promised separation of business and government, they will depend, however, on the publicly funded protection given to the presidential family as they travel the world promoting their brand.”


  1. My neighbor said to me this morning, “What the heck, the Queens kids already have a free ride on us now it’s Trumps Kids? whats going on? ” Make s one wonder how much of this wasteful spending of public tax money need we endure.


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