Before the sun looked out over the horizon, dozens of day laborers had gathered in the parking lot of a Home Depot in Little Havana waiting to be picked up to go build our houses, cut the lawns of our gardens or harvest the fruits and Vegetables we eat.

The same scene is repeated in many other parking lots and corners of South Florida, from Homestead to West Palm Beach, despite the climate of growing fear in immigrant communities following the tightening of immigration measures signed by President Donald Trump after he took office on January 20 – all aimed at facilitating the action of federal agents for the detention of foreigners who violate immigration laws.

In Homestead, day laborers interviewed in a supermarket parking lot near the corner of Mowry Drive and Krome Avenue, revealed that neither the police nor the immigration agents have bothered them. “Our concern is if we can get a job for the day,” said Gabriel Alaves, of Oaxaca, Mexico.

A Conspiracy Talk – CTN News analysis of executive orders and guidelines, based on interviews with immigration lawyers and immigrant rights advocates, shows that federal immigration agents have regained the power they lost during the presidency of Barack Obama, who extended Deportation protection for hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants.


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