Federal Health Minister Jane Philpott talks about the dangers of asbestos at the Ottawa Hospital on Thurs. Dec. 14, 2016. File photo by Alex Tétreault

Health Canada have issue warnings concerning a baby skin cream used for babies and kids, that could pose “severe health risks.”

The Health agency say that PureCare Herbal Cream, which is advertised as a natural cure for eczema as well as psoriasis in kids and infants, contain a prescription steroid called (clobetasol propionate) and one more ingredient (phenoxylethanol)which are not even acknowledged on labels.

Health Canada additionally makes it quite clear that these dangerous ingredients possibly will cause severe skin irritation, dehydration or  even increase  blood pressure in young children.

The agency stated that PureCare Herbal Cream has been sold on the internet at www.purecareskin.co.

This item was beaning sold with 2 different labels. The present label states the product is only “for extremely dry skin” yet the previous labels says it is a “Herbal Cream for Eczema, Psoriasis as well as Dry Skin.”

Health Canada is advising all consumers to immediately stop using the product and check with your Doctor or health care professional if they used it and in turn contain health concern.

Clobetasol propionate, described as a “super high potency topical steroidal prescription drug used to treat inflammatory conditions”. It ought to be used only in medical supervised conditions. The side effects comprise of skin irritation also weakening or degeneration.

The agency suggests that phenoxylethanol may cause complexity in breathing, vomiting as well as create diarrhea if ingested.

Health Canada says PureCare Herbal Cream Ltd. has now stopped selling this product and asking the manufactures and distributors to recall it from the marketplace.


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